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10 Priceless Gifts Teachers Can Give Their Students

Lisa Mims

10 Priceless Gifts Teachers Can Give Their Students

With the holiday season upon us, the spirit of giving is everywhere you look. Here are 10 priceless gifts we can give to our students.

There are more than 10 things that we could give our darlings, but these are the ones that stood out in my mind. 





1.   A smile.

If you are miserable, they usually are too.

2.  Get rid of the worksheets.

Granted, if a student can’t figure out 5 problems, they probably can’t do 25 – 100 of the same thing.

3.  Talk to them about things in their life.

And maybe, share something from yours.

4.  Give them a fresh start.

Every.  Single.  Day.

5.  Challenge them.

Every kid is not “the population.”  They just might surprise you!

6.  Provide consequences.

Whether you believe it or not, they will thank you.

7.  Remember they are only children.

Oh boy, that’s a hard one to do sometimes, I know.

8.  Try something new.

They are 21st century learners, treat them as such.

9.  Get off task.

Isn’t it great to veer away from the planned topic for a bit?

10.  Teach! 

Let them learn at least one new thing per day.

What other priceless gifts can you think of? Share in the comments section!

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